Ebola suit is 2014’s most wanted Halloween costume

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  • Emergency protection gear is set to sell out this year as the world struggles to cope with the Ebola epidemic.
  • UK Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has said Britain should prepare for “someone with ebola in the coming months.”
  • One of the scientists who discovered Ebola said it has got “completely out of hand” and may not end without developing a vaccine.

It’s one of the biggest health crisis’s the world has ever seen and is now predicated to be the biggest Halloween outfit of 2014.

Gas masks, rubber gloves, respirators and white or yellow jump suits are falling off the shelves but is it too soon?

I think it is considering as of yesterday, the ebola virus has taken the lives of over 4,493 people and the World Health Organisation (WHO) has said that these numbers may be vastly underestimated.

WHO also warned that there could be 10,000 new cases of ebola a week within the next two months.

Mikhael Gilmore, a resident of Texas, the same US state where a nurse who was showing the early signs of the killer disease travelled to from Ohio said, “I don’t think they’re thinking about the families of the victims.”

Do you think this is a case of satire gone wrong? Or are people being too politically correct?

Meanwhile, William Pooley, the first British man who contracted the ebola virus in Sierra Leone and subsequently recovered from the disease at the Royal Free Hospital in London has said he is ready to return to Africa to help fight the illness.

Can you spot what’s wrong in this picture taken in the US earlier today?

*(Answer below)*

ebola 3

Finally, here are 5 facts you didn’t know about the Ebola virus:

Facebook/Twitter/Google+ teaser: You’ll never guess what this year’s biggest selling Halloween costume is…

*A man was been spotted helping a nurse in the US with ebola board a flight to a specialist unit without wearing any protective equipment.*


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